Our Capability Statements

VBKOM Capability Statements VBKOM Capability Statements

Due to VBKOM’s diverse pool of expertise, we can offer our clients specialised skills within a one-stop-shop culture. Our engineering, risk and project management capabilities as well as simulation and decision support expertise, makes us an ideal partner to the mining, petro-chemical, agricultural and construction industries.

Our focus on long-term client relationships combined with our technical skills ensures that our clients can fully optimise their value chain.

Project Management Consulting and Project ControlsProject Management Consulting and Project Controls

VBKOM delivers value-creating projects through the utilization of internationally accredited Project Managers with cross-disciplinary (technical and industry) experience backed by industry accreditation, participation, and affiliation.

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HAZOPHAZOP (Risk Management)

The VBKOM Risk Management team understands and manages uncertainties by systematically identifying possible hazards in a work process.

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We evaluate the options and scenarios for optimal decision-making. Project and operational situations typically present multiple potential options and decision alternatives, each with varying degrees of probability, associated risk or potential success.

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Data Analytics and Dashboarding for Project ControlsData Analytics and Dashboarding: A Core Skill for Project Controls

We live in a world where data is abundant in the project environment, and it is key to extract intelligence from the project that serves the various forums and stakeholders of the project.

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Operational ReadinessOperational Readiness

Operational readiness is the function within a project that represents the project owner's interests.

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Mining EngineeringMining Engineering

We offer a wide variety of services to the mining industry, ranging from specific equipment to overall mining system requirements.

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Geological Consulting ServicesGeological Consulting Services

The VBKOM Geological Consulting Services focus on high-quality geological input in all aspects of Mineral Resource definition.

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Our metallurgical consulting services focus on optimising the extraction of minerals, identifying niche markets and supplying fit-for-purpose solutions to maximise value for the client.

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Code Compliant ReportingCode Compliant Reporting

We are well versed in the Reporting requirements and terminologies for all major Reporting Codes, including SAMREC (2016), JORC (2012) and NI 43-101.

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Critical Minerals and Clean Energy TransitionCritical Minerals

The need for raw minerals worldwide is vast, and with the drive within the energy transition, the need for what is deemed as vital for world economies.

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Industrial EngineeringIndustrial Engineering

We focus on improving and integrating people, processes, technology, and infrastructure on mining- and capital-intensive projects and operations.

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Critical Minerals A South African PerspectiveCritical Minerals A South African Perspective

Critical minerals are metallic and non-metallic mineral resources that are deemed to be vital to world economies, and South Africa has a part to play.

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