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Project Management and -Support

Project support is the mainstay of any project and actively supports all the phases of the project from planning through monitoring and control to closing. Our range of project management services include:

  • Project Scoping and Work Breakdown Structure Creation
  • Project Planning and Controlling: Scheduling, Tracking and Reporting Progress
  • Project Cost Management
  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Communication
  • Procurement
  • Scope of Work Definition and Execution
  • Project Integration
  • Project Administration and Documentation Management
  • Project Organisational Structuring

Our range of project management services will ensure that your project is scoped and planned correctly, that process controls are in place and critical documentation on hand to guarantee that your project is delivered on time, within budget, according to the scope and as per the quality criteria stipulated.

Project managers and their teams will benefit from our key strengths: team integration, well established methodologies, a disciplined, pro-active approach to monitoring controls, and quality deliverables.

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Project Support

Project Definition

Defining the objectives and scope of a project is the first step to ensuring that projects start out well.

Once this first crucial step is performed, a project is well on its way to success – as the roadmap is unambiguous and all further planning is based on clearly defined goals.

Project Planning / Scheduling

We follow a well-established methodology for planning and developing schedules and work packages. Our schedules are “living documents” which follow the progress of the project using dynamic techniques.

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