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African Investments

New 51% Black-owned Mining Consulting Local Venture Launched

The odds of succeeding as a “start-up” company in South Africa are stacked against whoever may be brave enough to venture down this path.

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VBKOM exhibited at this year’s DRC Mining week

VBKOM was invited by the DTI to represent South African mining intensive companies at the 15th DRC Mining Week trade show.

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VBKOM celebrates 10th anniversary with Friends & Taste Sensations

Recently VBKOM celebrated our 10th anniversary. To celebrate, we held a dinner for our clients, colleagues & friends. All of which have helped us with our growth and successes.

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SA’s Mining Sector – Outsourcing for Survival

Outsourcing services gives mines access to groups of specialists, their wide range of skills and the latest technologies – while also avoiding any long-term commitments.

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What the new Mining Charter means for Mining in South Africa

The implications of the implementation of Mining Charter 3 would have wide spreading negative consequences on both mining in south africa and investment.

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Mining in South Africa - The effects of the recent reshuffle

Recent political reshuffling has cast doubt on public policy and refocused investors on the risk of investing large capital into mining in South Africa.

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VBKOM Mining Engineers assist Debswana’s ORAPA Mine

VBKOM mining engineers have been appointed together with BGG Consulting and Six Plus One Consultants to advise the management of Debswana’s ORAPA mine

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Commodity cycle has painful lessons for Africa

Although Africa remains impoverished by bad decision making on a national level, it is arguably the continent best placed to reward investment.

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