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Keeping the lights on through solar photovoltaic

VBKOM’s leadership has been thinking about implementing alternative energy resources to power the VBKOM head office for some time. Over a 12-month period, the leadership team conducted research, planned, and engaged with various suppliers before making the final decision regarding which renewable resource would be best suited to meet the VBKOM head office’s requirements.

During August 2020, VBKOM contracted SUNRAY Power, a Centurion-based solar photovoltaic installation company, to conduct phase 1 and 2 of VBKOM’s renewable energy plan.

Living in South Africa, we all know that our energy grid is under great strain. VBKOM’s main reason for implementing a renewable energy resource, however, comes down to lowering our carbon footprint. By implementing a resource that delivers clean energy derived from the sun, we are doing our part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and our dependence on fossil fuels.

We look forward to continuing onto the next phases in our plan to help stabilize the power grid, one renewable resource at a time.


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