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New 51% Black-owned Mining Consulting Local Venture Launched

The odds of succeeding as a “start-up” company in South Africa are stacked against whoever may be brave enough to venture down this path.

It’s no joke!

Statistics (Moneyweb Article dated 27 Dec 2016) tells us that nearly 80% of all small business start-up companies are doomed to fail within 5 years of inception in South Africa.

Furthermore, other sources (Bizcommunity Article dated 12 Mar 2020) claim that 50% of small business start-ups can fail within their 1st year of inception.

Your business venture does not have to form part of that statistic!

As an entrepreneur, you truly must be bold and persistent in pursuing your dream of successful business ventures.

According to Matt Brown’s, “Your Inner Game”, high impact entrepreneurs demonstrate 12 principles which contribute to successful entrepreneurship. The first and foremost of these is: Remember your “Why”.

How can Sehlare Sa Meetlwa serve you?


VBKOM Consulting (Pty) Ltd and AIKO Project Consulting (Pty) Ltd, joined forces to create a Northern Cape based 51% Black Youth -owned mining and engineering consulting services company. The new venture is called “Sehlare Sa Meetlwa” – or “Diverse and deeply rooted thorn tree”.

Our partnership symbolises the rich cultural diversity of the Mining Industry, with a strongly rooted history of economic growth and cultural collaboration with an embedded common goal of service delivery and client satisfaction.  

The 2018 Mining Charter focusses on local economic growth and sustainability and all mining houses are motivated to support local businesses. The challenge lies with the enormous failure rate of local businesses within 5 years, making such a motivation for local economic support very difficult and most often unsustainable.

Anyone starting a new business needs a solid business plan, but also most likely a mentor to help guide you on your path to success.

Sehlare Sa Meetlwa’s focus is to provide that support and mentorship to small businesses by uniquely measuring their level of maturity as an organization and creating a unique road map to maturity. We provide small businesses with tangible mentorship to ensure maturity growth of their organization.

Sehlare Sa Meetlwa – What We Believe In

Sehlare Sa Meetlwa’s “Why” is strongly focused on client satisfaction with our key value being “Our Client victories and satisfaction is our greatest reward”. We believe in successful mentorship delivery in which we too may contribute greatly to realizing local economic growth and sustainability.

Growing small businesses within local communities helps us to reduce the negative statistics so that we all may strive for greater economic success and sustainable growth for our small business owners.

For more information on Sehlare Sa Meetlwa, please visit the website.

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