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Project Khomanani – Mining Excellence Workshop

The long-standing professional relationship between VBKOM and Kudumane Manganese Resources (KMR) dates back to 2010. Since then, VBKOM has been involved with numerous assignments for KMR and its parent entity, Asia Minerals Limited (AML).

During February 2021, VBKOM was requested by AML to audit and review the KMR mining operation on several areas of the mining value chain. This included Productivity, Mineral Resource Management, Safety & Legal Compliance, and Talent Management.

Numerous recommendations were made with the goal of improving these processes. The review was completed and since then VBKOM embarked on a collaborative journey with KMR to implement some of the recommendations made. This project has been dubbed “Project Khomanani”, meaning to join hands.

Mining Workshops

Mining Excellence Workshop

VBKOM hosted a 2-day weekend workshop with the KMR and AML management teams in May 2021. The workshop was a resounding success with several insightful topics and conversations throughout the weekend.

True to the nature of how VBKOM operates, the team created a customised solution to give training to a senior group within a very limited and restrictive COVID-19 environment. To deliver a prime solution to the client, VBKOM formed an association with Mr. Kenn Smart – an industry veteran with more than 50 years’ mining equipment expertise.

Emphasis was given to ensure that mining operations are always aligned to the strategic and tactical business objectives. Some topics of the day that were facilitated by the VBKOM team included:

  • Spatial reconciliation process
  • Drill and blast designs and practices
  • Short-, medium-, and long term mine planning
  • Contractor management & control
  • Earthmoving productivity practices
  • Engineering and maintenance practices
  • Equipment selection, matching, capacity, and management
  • Commercial and technical measurements for performance (success matrix)
  • Risk management of safety and legal compliance issues


  • Manie Kriel, Executive, Mining Engineer
  • Kenn Smart, Associate, Turnaround, Productivity
  • Brandon Okhuis, Mining Engineer
  • Brendon Kahts, Safety

Mining Workshops

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