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Moderating Dissertation Oral Exams for the UP Department of Mining Engineering

On 20 and 21 November 2023, the current final year undergraduate Mining Engineering students at the University of Pretoria presented their project dissertations as part of the completion of the module PSC 411.

Image: Mr Larrance Ngwenyama (UP), Mr Brandon Okhuis (VBKOM), Professor Francois Malan (UP), Mr KK Mamaregane (Student)

The module entailed project work, whereby students were allocated a project from industry. Students had to identify the problem parameters, conduct a literature review on the subject, and perform a detailed analysis to present a solution. The module comprises a written document and a presentation.

It was the great pleasure of Mr Wilhelm Warschkuhl, Principal Mining Engineer, and Mr Brandon Okhuis, Senior Mining Engineer, of VBKOM to assist the Department of Mining Engineering in evaluating and moderating the presentations of the final year group.

The department allocated various internal moderators to the course, namely Mr Jannie Maritz, Prof. Francois Malan, Mr Sihle Buthelezi, Mr Larrance Ngwenyama, Mr Bheki Mkalipi, Dr Sezer Uludag, and Mr Johann Esterhuyse.

Mr Okhuis and Mr Warschkuhl were appointed as external examiners for the oral exams.

Image: Mr Wilhelm Warshckuhl (VBKOM) moderating a presentation by one of the UP Students

It is a great honour for VBKOM to be trusted by such an esteemed institution as UP to help shape the minds of the next generation of mining engineers in South Africa.

VBKOM recognises the need to grow and support talent in the mining industry as one of the greatest opportunities to grow our company as well as to play our part in ensuring the high standard of mining engineering in the industry is maintained.

Image Far Left: Mr Brandon Okhuis receiving an Award from Professor Ronny Webber-Youngman

Image Middle Left: Award

Image Middle Right: Mr Wilhelm Warshkuhl and Mr Larrance Ngwenyama

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