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When it comes to community involvement, VBKOM and Sehlare Sa Meetlwa walks the talk

By unearthing opportunities, our solutions have the power to improve lives. This is not only true for our technical solutions but also for how we view our participation in creating a better world, particularly the communities in which we work and live. The #BackToSchool initiative is the second engagement VBKOM and SSM since December 2022.

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New 51% Black-owned Mining Consulting Local Venture Launched

The odds of succeeding as a “start-up” company in South Africa are stacked against whoever may be brave enough to venture down this path.

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VBKOM exhibited at this year’s DRC Mining week

VBKOM was invited by the DTI to represent South African mining intensive companies at the 15th DRC Mining Week trade show.

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Barrier Balls - Drought control for Mines in South Africa

Founded by Chilean company Exma, Barrier Balls could be the innovative drought control solution mining sites in South Africa have been waiting for.

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VBKOM celebrates 10th anniversary with Friends & Taste Sensations

Recently VBKOM celebrated our 10th anniversary. To celebrate, we held a dinner for our clients, colleagues & friends. All of which have helped us with our growth and successes.

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SA’s Mining Sector – Outsourcing for Survival

Outsourcing services gives mines access to groups of specialists, their wide range of skills and the latest technologies – while also avoiding any long-term commitments.

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The Importance of Mine Planning for Mining Companies in South Africa

The mine planning process involves short, medium and long-term plans. These different plans are aligned to ensure that the mine strategic objectives are implemented effectively and seamlessly. 

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