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Corporate Services VBKOM Corporate Services

Corporate Services

Always planning, always doing, always with excellence

At VBKOM, we believe it is our purpose and mission to improve our clients' lives. However, to make a difference, we first needed to look at how we operate as a company.

There is an old saying that goes, “Home is not a place… it’s a feeling.”

The Corporate Services Business Unit, under the guidance of Lalieu Marais, strives to make VBKOM more than just an optimal workplace.

Lalieu Marais was the first female employee at VBKOM and subsequently led the way forward for the company, creating more opportunities for women from the mining industry to play a role in the growth and success of VBKOM.

VBKOM Corporate Services Team

With her background in Financial Management, Lalieu leads a group of individuals who help ensure an optimal work environment.  These individuals blend different qualities to thrive as a team:

  • Gloria de Bruyn, who has been keeping a keen eye on the financials since 2012.
  • Andries Mahlangu, maintains a pristine garden, and ensures that the building is always running at tip top shape.
  • While Joyce Molokomme makes sure the inside of the building is always spotless and ready to receive guests.
  • Sipho Sifundza keeps everyone informed, and maintains VBKOM's IT assets.
  • Last but not least, Maditaba Dladla is the first friendly face you will see when walking into the Centurion office.

The Corporate Services team uses the fundamental VBKOM values and WHY to empower the greater team to achieve success.

Corporate Services