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Flowsheet Simulation Models

The foundation of all mineral extraction projects lies within how efficient and optimised the flowsheet is developed. Over the years many simulation packages have been developed, and it really does not matter which software is used.

The main goal is to ensure optimal project performance and production, whilst minimising financial and technical risks. 

Similarly, these packages can also be used to optimise current plants and evaluate brownfields extensions. This results in reliable simulation models that are used to make better business decisions.

Spreadsheet-based simulation

One of these software packages is LIMN, which is an Excel spreadsheet-based simulation that allows the user to model the plant, make changes to the process configuration, add control actions and/or varying process paraments whilst accounting for recyclables more efficiently and effectively. This software package was developed by Dave Wiseman as a flowsheet modelling program for coal and other minerals and can also be utilised to develop the Process Flow Designs and Process Design Criteria for a new plant.

How is LIMN software used?

Depending on the information available, models can be developed on various levels of detail.  However, it is advisable to gather as much information as possible on the resource to extract maximum value from the plant simulation.  The key inputs derived from mineral characterization and pilot plant testwork is shown in the diagram below. 


When are these plant simulation models used?

Simulation models are typically applied to:

  • Trade-off studies
  • Feasibility studies, informing detailed design parameters for brown and green field project
  • Processing plant audits/ Due diligence studies
  • Debottlenecking studies

How can VBKOM help you?

Our team has considerable plant experience and is highly competent in using LIMN and Excel based simulation. Our metallurgical consulting services focus on optimising the extraction of minerals, identifying niche markets and supplying independent, fit for purpose solutions to maximise value for the client.

Contact us for more information about our metallurgical consulting services.


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