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Geological Consulting Geological Consulting

We have experience in various commodities including coal, copper, heavy mineral deposits, iron ore, industrial minerals, diamonds, manganese, rare earth deposits, platinum, gold and tungsten all over the African continent. We offer a wide variety of technical and consulting geological services to exploration companies, investors, as well the broader mining industry.

Mining Engineering Mining Engineering

Our team combines the strengths of a wide base of practical operational experience with extensive mine planning skills in virtually all the industry leading software packages along with expert scripting and programming skills. As a result, VBKOM can offer innovative, tailor-made yet trusted mining engineering solutions for Junior Miners to listed corporate entities.

Metallurgical Engineering Metallurgical Engineering

VBKOM’s metallurgical consulting services focus on optimising the extraction of minerals, identifying niche markets and supplying independent, fit for purpose solutions to maximise value for the client.

Industrial Engineering Industrial Engineering

We are driven by our goal to optimise complex processes and systems. We are focused on improving and integrating people, processes, technology and infrastructure on capital intensive projects to brown fields operations across all levels and formats: plant infrastructure and logistic channels including air, rail, road, seaborne, warehouse, stock yard, and even data and information-flow.

  • Simulation and Decision Support
  • Operational Readiness
  • Financial Modelling

Project Management and -Support Project Management and -Support

Our range for field-tested, yet practical project management and support services and toolsets coupled with our internationally accredited staff will ensure that your project or feasibility study is scoped and planned correctly, that process controls are in place, and that critical documentation is on hand to support you in your efforts to achieve project delivery success.

  • Risk Management

Training Training

VBKOM and ProjectPro©, part of the VBKOM Group of Companies, aim to promote excellence in engineering and project management by providing high quality consulting services and training.