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Sitting in the Director's Chair

We believe in the power of our people!

During the May 2022 Annual General Meeting, the directorship of VBKOM went to a vote.

It is with great pleasure that the VBKOM Management team and shareholders announce the promotion of two members of the Executive Leadership team to directors: Lalieu Marais and Strauss Oosthuizen.

While our clients look to us to help unearth opportunities, our most important discoveries are made right here on solid ground. We value and invest in our people, who are the driving force behind our business.

Meet Lalieu

As the first female employee to join VBKOM in 2009, Lalieu Marais pioneered the way forward for VBKOM to give opportunities to more women within the mining industry at VBKOM.  VBKOM is proud to have 50% female representation in 2022. With her background in Financial Management, Lalieu heads the Corporate Services Business Unit, and leads a group of individuals that ensure optimal governance of the business. Lalieu is the first female director of VBKOM.

Meet Strauss

Strauss Oosthuizen joined VBKOM in 2011 as an Industrial Engineer. He started and headed the Industrial Engineering team until he was promoted to the Executive leadership team in 2020. Strauss has led the Technical Delivery Business Unit since then. This business unit is the engine of VBKOM, delivering quality solutions with technical substance, elegant presentation, and value.  Strauss passionately believes that the integration and improvement of processes are key to success. 

VBKOM Leadership

Transforming the leadership team of VBKOM has set the stage for the rest of the team to develop the business and help it grow sustainably into the future.

In 2015, Group CEO, Manie Kriel, started a process of identifying and developing a group of Middle Managers that graduated to Senior Managers in 2020 and 2021, which resulted in a doubling of the leadership of the company. VBKOM is now well-positioned for international growth from both a leadership- and organizational design perspective.

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